How a Championship Basketball Program is Made

Basketball Coaching Blueprint

See how some of the best high school coaches in the country have built and continue to run their programs. Watch and listen to how they create advantages for their teams and players to be successful.

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The blueprint to a championship program


What can you score in an NBA style 3-point contest? Can you make 10,15, or 20 shots out of 25? In the Challenges, you can put your score up against players from your state and around the country to see where you rank. The leaderboard has the top scores from every player on the site. See your improvement as all of your scoring history is available to you as a player and your coach. Take your best shot at over 15 different challenges which are designed for players from 4th – 12th grade.

Championship Practices

Have you ever seen a championship team practice? Have your players? We have put a microphone on and filmed championship coaches in a live practice with their teams. You will see and hear them in action, how they interact with their players and coaches. You can see how hard a championship caliber team attacks drills, defensive intensity and overall effort. Find out what it takes for your program to practice like a champion.

Shooting Evaluation

Have your shot evaluated by one of the countries top shooting instructors. We have partnered with the countries top shooting instructor. He has been a professional shooting coach and instructor for over 40 years who has worked with NBA players, international players, teams and clubs, college players, high school and youth players. He was invited to instruct players in the McDonalds and Jordan Brand Classic High School All-American Games.

Champions Club

In this section are the basics to any top program. There are ball handling drills, finishing moves, competitions and shooting goals. If your players can master this section, you will have a team of skilled players that can compete with nearly anyone. All of these drills come with a video clip so players, parents and coaches can see how they are performed. It gives players the blueprint to be able to put in the work to raise the level of their game.

Championship Interviews

Watch interviews from legendary coaches who have won state titles as well as USA Today National Championships. Hear in their own words how they built their programs and maintained the success. They discuss their youth programs, weight lifting, shooting goals, off-season workouts, offense, defense and much more. Winning becomes a habit as you will hear. Some of these coaches have incredible records including five titles in six years, 14 state championship appearances in 19 years (12 wins), 15 state championship appearances in 25 years (10 wins) and three USA Today National Championships. There are more than 25 different interviews and more being added.


See how programs raise money, we have bottled up the best fundraisers that make the most money with the least amount of time so players can play and coaches can coach. Many of these fundraisers do not require asking people for money nor do they have products to sell. That is why these are some of the best, most successful and unique. See how teams have earned over $10,000 with a single fundraiser and as much as $50,000. We have a collection of over 50 fundraisers that have raised a minimum of $1,000.


Our Popular Features


  • Continuity is one of the keys to a successful program. Basketball Coaching Blueprint can develop this for your program regardless of coaching changes.

  • Access to fundraisers that have earned from $1,000 - $40,000 each

  • The ability to follow up on the progress of all of your teams to see measurable scores, success and work ethic

  • Ideas that top ADs use to give their programs the championship advantage


  • A championship blueprint used by successful teams

  • Shooting schedule of a team that made 18 3-point shots in a half and average 11 per game

  • Skills to master at each level with video and measurable metrics

  • Local, state and national scoreboard

  • Fundraising ideas from a coach that earned $23,500 in five months

  • Offseason workouts of championship programs

  • Create competitive players that learn to practice at 90-100% of their maximum effort on their own


  • A blueprint to learn how to practice like a championship player.

  • Ball handling and shooting drills to compete and compare with other players throughout the state and country

  • Access to a personal scoreboard that shows what you have to achieve to be working at 90-100% of your ability

  • Learn how to be competitive with yourself and others

  • Acquire a championship work ethic


  • The opportunity to have your players shot evaluated by the country's top shooting instructor

  • Learn what to teach your player with filmed ball handling and shooting drills

  • You will have a history of all workouts of your player so you can track the progress day to day and year to year

  • Nutrition and meal timing information to maximize player performance

  • Scoreboard to see the scores and times of players, of various grades, from your program and around the country

  • Shooting plan from a coach whose team made 18 in a half and 25 in a game

  • Skills to master at each grade level for your players so they are varsity ready when they get to high school and/or college


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The concept of the BasketballCoaching Blueprint is to provide athletic administrators and coaches with the resources to establish championship-caliber programs. For an athletic director, the Basketball Coaching Blueprint is something

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In an era of social distancing measures, the Basketball Coaching Blueprint is a perfect addition to a program from a safety standpoint, as well — providing coaches, parents and players with the digital resources needed to continue working on and improving their game on their own.

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